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Pseudacris feriarum
Status Declining in population in Katy and Cypress Texas.  This frog prefers open field/prairie type habitat that floods after rains.  Unfortunately construction in the Katy area is causing this habitat to dissappear at a rapid pace.  The section of Grand Parkway which recently opened North of I-10 is almost certain to cause a massive decline in this frog as homebuilders destroy that habitat.  This frog does not enter bayous, lakes, ponds, etc and once the field they are living in is bulldozed for homes the frogs that are not killed by the bulldozer are basically given a death sentence with nowhere else to go.  Less than 5 years ago I could go outside my house and hear these frogs calling in all directions but unfortunately the last couple of years I have only heard silence.  Some still remain in protected areas like Barker Reservoir but as invasive trees like the Chinese Tallow continue to grow there these populations will probably dissappear over time as well.  In the words of Rosalie Edge, “The time to protect a species is while it is still common.  The way to prevent the extinction of a species is never to let it become rare.”  Land conservation is the only thing that is going to keep this species around the area long term. Notes A brown ground color with black stripes along the back.  Voice/call Sounds just like someone running their fingers over a comb.  View the video below to see/hear one calling.
(Upland Chorus Frog)